Follow the schedule according to which type of service you are signed up for.

Weekly Pickup

We pick up every week on your scheduled day unless delayed due to a holiday (see schedule below). Groups do not apply to weekly customers.

Bi-Weekly Pickup

Upon signup, bi-weekly customers are placed into Group 1 or Group 2.
If you don't know which group you're in, please email us and we'll let you know.


All customers enrolled in this program will have their recycling picked up on the same bi-weekly schedule. Follow the green recycling days in the calendar below.


We do not provide service on the following holidays. For these weeks, all pickups occurring on the holiday and after will be moved to the next day. For example, Thanksgiving falls on a Thursday so only Thursday gets moved to Friday and Friday moves to Saturday. There is no change when the holiday falls on a weekend. All other holidays we operate on our normal schedule.


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